Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, No They Di'int

I recognize that all of this makes me look like a complainer. I'd like to try to redeem myself a little (in the eyes of those getting snarky on me) by saying that I, in general, don't complain much. Really. Ask Willis, if necessary.

In regard to customer service, though, it's been known to happen. The reason? Companies ask for feedback. I'mma give it. (See? This complaining is actually quite nice of me if you look at it that way.)

I figure that my chiming in might improve these companies, and, let's get crazy, maybe even improve the world a little bit in the process. The latter is probably a major stretch, but it's baby steps, people. Baby steps.

With all that said, I had to return to Walmart today. I'm sure you all remember my lovely post from June 1st.

After some encouragement from the La Porte Walmart Tire and Lube Express technician I spoke with today, I decided to write this little note to the Walmart Tire and Lube Express department of Michigan City:
Hello, again! I posted a message on here less than a month ago (I believe it may have been June 1st), and I have returned. My previous message was in regard to both the Michigan City and La Porte, Indiana Walmart stores' Tire and Lube Express departments. Since then, a La Porte store Tire and Lube Express manager called to apologize (which I appreciated).

This time, I am messaging because I returned to the Walmart Tire and Lube Express for a third time (the first time was in Michigan city to receive two new tires, the second time was in La Porte to repair a leaking new tire, and this time was in La Porte to repair the second new leaking tire).

In Michigan City, I was told that there was corrosion on one of the wheels in regard to the TRMS, so the technician declined replacing that part.

Today, in La Porte, it was explained to me that the technician who put the tires on my car in Michigan City apparently didn't bother to clean the contact area between the tires and the rims or apply a tire seal to my new tires (thus, causing me to return to the store twice). The La Porte technician also mentioned that he was, in fact, able to replace/service that corroded TRMS pack that the technician in Michigan City had declined.

While this story is already fairly annoying without the details of my own, personal experience during all of this, I'd like to mention that every time I've come to Walmart for this issue, I've had my two children with me (2.5 years old and nearly a year old). I've spent a great deal of time with them in the store each time, and if you have children (especially if you have or have had any at that age), I would hope you could understand the difficulty that is created. Finding someone to watch them during my visits to the Walmart Tire and Lube department is not something that is simply done. I also work from home, and these trips to Walmart have cost me time and money, quite frankly.

I still have my receipts from each Walmart visit, and if asked, I'm sure I could supply you with the technician names if you are interested. (I believe they print them on the detailed receipts.)

All in all, the La Porte Walmart Tire and Lube service department has behaved admirably since my last complaint (they were quite helpful during this third visit), and I have learned that the Michigan City Walmart Tire and Lube department was really the source of all my trouble. I won't be returning there—even if the La Porte Tire and Lube department doesn't have my needed tires in stock (which is how I ended up in Michigan City in the first place).

I typically go by a "three-strike" rule when it comes to service, to give the company the benefit of the doubt. In that one visit, Michigan City received two strikes (being visibly irritated when I parked in the incorrect place—no signage for that, by the way, at any Walmart store, and not paging me when my car was done). The third strike was unveiled today: not doing the one job I paid for them to do.
Oh, yes. I did reach their allotted character limit.

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