Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

It's that time again, and, I must apologize. I did forget to mention these two delicious blogs as my reference for this fine, um, weekly vent project. Forgive me, blog gods.

Hey, It's Okay . . .

. . . to declare war on the insane amount of scary house flies that have infested the lower half of your house with honey, sugar, vinegar, saran wrap, and fear.

. . . to count swimming as a bath for your kids . . . and sometimes you. (Shhhhhh!)

. . . to wish that your kid slept more. Really.

. . . to have an unhealthy love for hanging clothes out on the line. (It relaxes me. Okay?)

. . . to have that be it for the Hey, It's Okay Tuesday show.

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