Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

Hey, It's Okay . . .

It's that time again. I'll give my prudent shout-outs to the appropriate places.

Here we go!

. . . to be the queen of hanging the wash out on the line just in time for it to get all cloudy and ominous-looking. (No . . . not really.)

. . . to not understand why the people in Walmart's service department decided not to inform me when my car was done this morning.

. . . to take the time to write this little gem in Walmart's Company Feedback online due to some displeasure:
I'm not completely furious (because I do my best to be understanding), but I am rather bothered by two things involving the Walmart Tire and Service Department. (I have become quite familiar with that department in both the Michigan City and La Porte locations in the last two weeks due to getting new tires and having an issue with one of the new tires.)

1.) There should be a sign designating where customers should park when they arrive. I parked where a person would typically park at, for example, a Jiffy Lube—behind a garage door. I got rather rude/irritated responses from the gentlemen employees (from both La Porte and Michigan City's Tire and Lube Departments) because I was clearly an idiot for not automatically understanding that I should not park there. If it's irritating when people do that (and I'm willing to bet that it is), and if it happens often, for goodness' sake, put up a sign.

2.) I thought this was policy over there, but at the La Porte store, I did not get a call over the intercom when my car was done. I was in there for an extra twenty minutes (with a cranky toddler and an 8-month-old baby), and I would've appreciated knowing the exact moment that my car was finished so I could bolt for the door. I understand you guys want people to continue shopping (cha-ching), but I'll tell you that I wasn't there to shop. I was there to get my tire issue fixed. I'd love to tell you that I didn't buy anything out of spite, but that wouldn't be wholly accurate. (No, I did not buy anything, but it was truly because I was not there to shop.)

P.S. Please don't feel the need to call me and apologize or anything. These are just suggestions from a sleep-deprived, busy mother of two wee ones.

That is all. Thank you.
. . . to be  startled by the fact that your 2.5 year old daughter knows all the names of the Handy Manny characters (even though she skipped a couple of the names on the video you took of her).

. . . to recognize that your recent popularity is completely dependent on your kids—not on your sheer awesomeness, merit, entertainment, or likability.


  1. You will always be popular because of your awesomeness, Jenny. 100% serious.nice letter to wal mart. Do you think that they would have actually called you to apologize? They're such a gigantic corporation, one disgruntled customer probably makes no difference to them. (I'm in a constant state of frustration and anger at the entirety of WalMart.)

  2. @oh_susanna_o - I really doubt they would, but I've complained at other places before. I've always gotten called back. I've never complained at Walmart before. There's always been a certain degree of lacking in expectation, but they exceeded that one today.

  3. @oh_susanna_o - Oh! And, thank you for the compliment, by the way!

  4. Excellent letter!I'd go on a tear about Wal-mart, but you already know how I feel.