Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visiting the Browns

We dropped Willis off to go sailin' with his dad, and Nora got to hang out on the boat for a few minutes.
Scott's sporting his big photo smile, as usual.

Teachin' her to sail. (Crash course.)

He's a serious cheeser.

We went to the park and the zoo with Grandma.

On the bridge.

Checkin' out the ducks.

The new and improved Columbian Park Zoo.

That kid freaked her out a bit.

And with good reason. He kind-of plowed her out of the way a few times.

They had goats!

Baby goats and pregnant goats!

The baby goats were so stinkin' cute.

I'm obviously really good at catching goats scratching itches.


Henry doing what he does best.


Back at it.


Going to Culver's for ice cream!

The whole fam (well, most of us).

The kids were toast.

Soooo tired.

I think this may have been Nora's first ice cream cone!

Scott was dead set on feeding Henry ice cream, and the boy was cashed out.

It was pretty funny.

I think Henry tasted it, but he slept through this whole thing.


Still asleep.

I think he's still asleep there, too.

Uncle Ian is pushing Nora in the stroller.


  1. So, many points to be made- Sad I wasn't there-- LOVEEE Henry's teefers and dimples ( i think more the last post) and did you totally realize that you posted Culvers?! It's totally Frozen Custard dude ;)

  2. @Amanda - You must not've seen this post. I saw the error of my ways.When I typed it, I knew it was wrong, but I absolutely could not remember the name of the place. I was blank. So, I substituted.