Saturday, December 6, 2008

Funny Girl and Willi-boy

This kid has been pretty entertaining lately. She likes to "read" to me. I actually attempted to capture some video of that (and I've somewhat failed because it's not nearly as extensive as it is when she's really into it). She always catches me trying to record her—the little rat!

She's just dancin' in this one.

She also enjoys playing Peek-a-Boo, now. She didn't seem to get it before, and now she actually covers her eyes and plays with me. I may have to get creative to try to capture that one on video.

She's bein' a little crank right now. She didn't really get a morning nap today. The contractors are here again doing some work on the upstairs bathroom (I know: it's not done yet, but it's so stinking close). That typically hinders her from getting a nap, and that's not usually a good thing.

Speakin' of crank: I think she started throwing tantrums this week. When she gets upset now, she throws things. She's especially cranky on the changing table. This could be fun.

I just realized today that she LOVES climbing under things and hanging out under them. She's always climbing under my desk, she climbs under a little antique school desk a lot, and she was just hanging out under a folding chair I have sitting in my office. She's a funny girl.

In other news, Willi's at work right now: on his birthday. Happy Birthday, Willi! You get to go to work on a nice, cold, snowy day! Wheee! We miss you! (Actually, I especially miss you right now 'cause I really need you to hold this cranky rascal while I take her diapers out of the dryer and try to do some other miscellaneous errands.)

Dilly out.

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