Monday, December 8, 2008


Last night, Willi spent about three hours slaving over some beef bourguignon only to end that three hours in front of his full plate saying, "I don't feel so good."

I took one for the team (I'm so noble), and I finished his for him (it was really, really good, by the way). Poor Willi hasn't even gotten to enjoy it yet.

He spent the rest of the night horizontal, and today, he's spent most of his time horizontal. This is the first time that I have ever seen him take a sick day from work. You know what? I was all excited about him being home at first (during a weekday, for once), but then, once I realized that he was just going to be a sad, little lump on the couch and on the bed, I realized I'd much rather know that he was feeling good at work than knowing that he's feeling bad and having to watch it. Ugh. That poor guy.

To add insult to injury, my internet and cable phone cut out on me today at one point, and I had to completely shut everything down, unplug it, and reboot my cable modem to get it back up again (it doesn't normally take all that—I typically just have to reset the modem, but that didn't work). When I started up my work computer, I got the blue screen of death. I tried rebooting again, and there it was again. Since Willi was home, he took a look at it for me. He tried rebooting it in all of the five available modes (like "safe mode," etc.), and we still kept getting the BSOD. So, at about 3:30, I unplugged my computer (after talking with an IT guy at HQ), and I drove it over to Portage. I sure hope I didn't lose anything on that hard drive. Most of my work was backed up on it, but I have two major projects that were in progress that I hadn't backed up yet. I really hope those aren't gone.

When I first started working from home, I had been saving all my work to the server (back at HQ—the server is always backed up automatically every day), and it was taking way too long to do just about anything. So, the IT guy told me to start saving stuff on my hard drive and back it up. Unfortunately, I forget to back things up sometimes. Plus, it takes for-stinking-ever.

After today, they said that they're going to be getting me an external hard drive. I think that'll be beneficial.

So, yeah . . . rough day. The contractors didn't come today (they called this morning and said something came up last-minute), but it's probably a good thing they weren't here while Willi was sick. They'll be here tomorrow morning, though.

The upstairs bathroom is . . . almost . . . done. It's basically all together now, but they still have to seal the tile and properly vent the fan that they put in. I cannot wait until that bathroom is done so that I can clean my upstairs. It's so disgusting in this house.

Willi's been in bed ever since I got back from Portage. I got home around 5:20, and when I arrived, Nora was a-whailin' in bed with Willi. I realized just as I was leaving to go to Portage that she hadn't nursed since first thing in the morning. She typically nurses a few more times than that by 4 p.m. Since she wasn't upset when I had to leave, I didn't force the issue. It was sad, though, 'cause the last twenty minutes that I was gone, she started screaming. Poor Nora. Poor Willi.

For the first time in my life, I baked sugar cookies yesterday. I didn't do the whole "cookie cutter" thing. I just dropped 'em on cookie sheets (on parchment paper). Then, once they were cooled, I mixed up some frosting, added some green food coloring, and frosted the little buggers. I added sprinkles, too. I must say: I'm fairly proud of myself! I think they turned out quite well! I took a batch over to Frank and Dolores' house this morning. I took Nora with me. I looked completely disgusting, and Frank videotaped us with his old-school camcorder. They were happy to see her, though, and she managed to put on a good show for them. I always bake cookies for Frank because he is always using his snow blower on our sidewalks and driveway. They're good people.

Okay. I'm gonna try to wake up Willi and see if he wants to attempt to watch Prison Break with me this evening. Dilly out.

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