Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quick Nora Update

There's a few things I've got to mention about Nora.
  • She gets super bashful now whenever we go out into public and especially when she's sleepy. It's hilarious. She hides her face on me. She usually smiles first, but then she tucks her little face into my chest.
  • She absolutely loves peek-a-boo. Serious, serious love, and she plays it with us constantly.
  • When I ask her if she's all done now, she makes the "ooh" face, but she doesn't make the sound with it. It's pretty stinking funny.
  • The cat still lays on the changing table, and when I put Nora on top of him (or right next to him if there's room), she just sits there and chuckles at him. Sometimes, she pokes at his ear, but she doesn't grab and rip his fur like I remember seeing little kids do. He just sits there with his ears back and tries to wait it out, but he eventually gives up and hops down.

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