Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why I Hate My Cat This Time of Year

I don't think I even mentioned this about my morning yesterday, but not only did the cat knock, like, four ornaments off of the tree (two of them were glass balls, and he lost the tops to them). He also managed to gnaw on my potted spider plant (he is utterly destroying that plant, by the way) as I was picking up the mess from the tree. When I shooed him away from the plant, I noticed that he had knocked a bunch of spider plant pieces all over the floor. So, I as I was picking up the spider plant pieces, he dumped my glass of milk that I had sitting on the end table. This all happened within, like, a minute, and yet, it took several minutes to recover after his destruction.

That is why I hate my cat this time of year. He's freaking psycho (in constant jazz-mode), and he's always like that when we have a Christmas tree. I even make a special attempt to keep ornaments out of his reach, but the bugger is, like, three feet tall when he stretches upwards. That's half my tree!

Dilly out for real.

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